Saturdays 9:00pm
on C31 Melbourne

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20 Orange Blossom, Gotan Project,
no Jazz & Jesus Volt (Part II)
no Jazz In just a few years, an explosive album released in 2002, a handful of multicoloured remixes and cult concerts throughout France and the rest of the world have made noJazz into much more than a group. noJazz, a musical UFO triggering passions, a machine to level categories and fundamentalisms of every kind, have grown into a phenomenon whose reputation has spread like wildfire. Slam (Philippe Sellam - sax), Guillaume Poncelet (trumpet, Fender Rhodes), Bilbo (Pascal Reva - guitar, drums), Balat (Philippe Balatier - MPC, keyboards) and DJ Speeder Mike (Michael Chekli - decks) are no ordinary musicians. In their original respective areas (which covers a great deal of ground, from French chanson to hip hop and jazz), their reputation was already exemplary. Now, as noJazz, the guardians of an original concept based on creativity and eclecticism, their talents more than ever match the tremendous wealth of goodwill that yields excitement at each of their appearances.

Jesus Volt is a united, homogenous and mature group of musicians who figured out just how to focus their wild energy into a solid group without losing their way individually down the creative, mysterious path of music. Together, they've managed to use their performances as a way to nourish their music. Their music is a contemporary crossbreed of electronic sound, with a foundation richly based on Blues of the 40's and 50's, Funk of the 70's, passing through the era of Rock and Roll, while keeping their ears open wide to the new sounds of the 21st century.

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