Saturdays 9:00pm
on C31 Melbourne

bric-a-brac Puzzled Look
20 Orange Blossom, Gotan Project,
no Jazz & Jesus Volt (Part I)
Orange Blossom is an exotic hybrid of four musicians from different cultures and backgrounds. Lead singer, Leila: French Algerian, a woman with a timeless, evocative voice. Violinist, PJ: French-born and classically-trained, an ex-punk with a healthy disrespect for technique. Percussionist, Mathias: raised in France, reborn among the people and instruments of West Africa. Drummer (and arranger and programmer) Carlos: a dreadlocked Mexican with a dog-eared passport and an attendant sense of musical adventure. Together, they meld into a sensual, glorious whole.

Their music is an amalgam of European electro-beats, West African polyrhythms, Arabic and Middle Eastern melodies and, all-stops-out rock. Music to dive in to, bliss out to, to make you giddy, laced with beautiful, sing-a-long Arabic lyrics, lifted by lush classical strings and tempered by dark, driving beats, Leftfield electro trance. Sweet-smelling, street-smart dance music. Music that in these fractious, reactionary times glimmers with hope.

Gotan Project was born in Paris as a fusion between Argentinean tango musicians and European electronica aficionados. The name of the trio comes from a form of wordplay very common in Rioplatense Spanish's argot name vesre. This wordplay involves the reversal of syllables. Thus, the word Tango becomes Gotan, the name the trio have chosen for their project.

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