Saturdays 9:00pm
on C31 Melbourne

bric-a-brac Puzzled Look
17 Françoiz Breut & Mathieu Boogaerts
Francoiz Breut tailors her songs for a perfect fit. Once she has worn them, they belong to her and they never leave her again. Passionately and with sensitivity, she gives nobility to the role of a performer. Her approach to sexuality, somewhat conventional yet very saucy, is evoked in entrancing, hushed tones and soft lyrics - spoken mostly in French. Breut's performance is sultry not sordid; it's a wonderful fantasy, neither candid nor confrontational. Nonetheless, there is a not-so-sweet undercurrent in the music, with indie rock and alternative county tropes disrupting the Gallic pop sound. Breut comes across in an incredibly appealing fashion with her dishy serving of sexy pop.

Mathieu Boogaerts, a relative newcomer to the French music scene, has established an excellent reputation with his original repertoire of tender, 'minimalist' ballads. The talented singer-songwriter, who was born in 1970, spent his childhood and adolescent years growing up in the Paris suburbs. A precocious musician and performer, Mathieu began playing the organ at 10 years old. At 12, he was trying his hand on his first drum kit; and the following year, the enthusiastic musician had set up a band. Mathieu was not in thrall to any particular musical influences, preferring to develop his own original style, but he was a passionate fan of Bob Marley and the Dutch-born singer Dick Annegarn.

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