Saturdays 9:00pm
on C31 Melbourne

bric-a-brac Puzzled Look
21 Foltin
FOLTIN is a fantastic blend from Macedonia. Any attempt at labeling their music is a difficult adventure. Their approach to building the sound and the atmosphere is unpredictable and extremely original. This makes it hard to compare the group with any home or world musical expression. The lyrics are a phonetic imitation or imaginary mixture of different languages. The band blends Branislav Nikolov's mature voice and exceptional elocution with Pece Nikolovaski's clarinet, Petar Dimitrovski's organ, Pece Trajkovski's accordion and acoustic guitar, Goce Jovanoski's double bass and Slave Jovev's drums.

The group exists since 1995 and have published 4 albums: 2005 - Lo-Lee-Ta-Too (DingDongRecords), 2003 - Donkey Hot (Kukuzel Music), 2000 - Archimed (MAG), 1997 - Outre - mer (SJF records). They have also produced and designed sound for theatre.