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18 & 19 Taraf de Haïdouks:
No Man is a Prophet in His Own Land
The band and their label organized for the recording of their 4th album 'Band Of Gypsies' from two unique special concerts in 2000. These concerts were officially introducing the band to their native public in Romania. Other Gypsy musicians from neighboring Balkan countries were invited to join on stage.

When he heard about this, French filmmaker Tony Gatlif decided to document the event. He suffered health problems just some days prior to the concert, and entrusted the project to his daughter, Elsa Dahmani, who was no more than 22 at the time.

She wrote and directed this lovely film which not only captured the Taraf during the live recordings, but also in their village of Clejani, where most of them still reside.

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