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bric-a-brac Puzzled Look
10 Tango Of Tomorrow: Melingo, Caceres, Di Giusto Y Camerata Ambigua
Melingo: To be Melingo, one must walk the streets sniffing out poetry like a bloodhound. One must dance like a whip and sing like a scar. Melingo is major musician. He studied at a Conservatoire but retains little of that institution. He was (and always will be) a furious adventurer, fevered, hallucinating. A bohemian of Buenos Aires, so of the world. We can call him Maestro because he has achieved simplicity.

Caceres: In Paris he played with the artist Marie Laforęt, founded the bands Malon and Gotan, painted, produced shows, taught History of Art and did research on the roots of the River Plate's music. Today he still lectures on the subject, but, above all, he composes and sings, with a lion's voice, the most relevant pieces that mark the rebirth of tango, candombe, murga and milonga. Caceres is inspired, impetuous, passionate and fiery at this.

Di Giusto Y Camerata Ambigua: With Camerata Ambigua, the Argentine composer and pianist Gerardo Di Gusto makes a new kind of music that is altogether rooted in the musical traditions of his country. It comes out as a surprising combination of Argentinean rhythms that blend with a rigorous classical writing and exciting improvisations, an original exploration where one can see in the distance the kind of presence of composers such as Piazzolla and Bartok.