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06 Khaled: Ya-Rayi
Algerian born artist, Khaled does not hesitate to venture outside of the norms, to take the risk of being attacked on all sides, to take the risk of dissipating the richness of his art.

Stemming from his ability to mix diverse musical aromas, Khaled is ranked amongst the masters of his musical genre and is confirmed in his universal mode of expression. Whereas his music may have been considered clandestine ten years ago, it is now widely listened to around the world.

Khaled has elevated the confrontation between raļ and other styles to the artistic dimension of a fertile method of creation. He adds the wide range of modern and traditional instruments to create an incredible acoustic sound whilst also using state-of-the-art techniques.

After 5 successful albums, Khaled's new record, 'Ya-Rayi', is a genuine 'back to the roots' album. He is coming back to the raļ music essence, with charming Egyptian chords.

In this record, Khaled invites us to discover or re-discover all the raļ 'magic' and carries you directly to a typical Algerian cabaret like the ones where he performed in his native city Oran at the beginning of his career in 1985.

Always with a warm smile on his face, Khaled will celebrate his come back on stage from October 2004!

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